PTE Institute in India

Like IELTS, Pearson Test Of English, abbreviated as PTE has two modules:

  • PTE Academic (applicable in Top Universities).
  • PTE General (for acquiring good jobs).

About PTE Preparation Course

This is the exam which is taken to test the proficiency that the applicants have in English Language. Here, the candidates have to go through 4 tests like speaking, listening, reading and writing. The test last for 3 hours, in which the applicant has to give the prolonged introduction without seeing the time. The examinees get only one break of 10 minutes, throughout the test procedure. It depends on the candidate if s/he wants to take the break or not as it is totally optional.

PTE is acknowledged by almost all the big universities of United States and United Kingdom. The credibility of Pearson Test Of English has 100% recognition in Australia. It’s a portion of Pearson Enterprises. PTE is advocated and authorized by Graduate Management Admission Council. The best part of this test is the candidates aren’t kept awaited for the results as it’s announced within 5 days. This has made it popular despite of being new entrant in the field of English testing exams.

Test Modules The test structure is broadly divided into four sections which is further distributed into 4 parts. The different and essential sections as mentioned above are:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading

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